it takes balls to be a fag
I've found the BEST freaking description of Wonpil xDDD

Нет, было ещё чудное "Когда Вонпиль МС, сразу появляется атмосфера шоу для детей" из чудесного "вот ни разу не алкогольного" вилайва. Но тут Дже просто совсем в яблочко попал!

YoungK: *imitating what Wonpil's going to say* It's so bright here... because all of you~
Jae: Why does he have to talk like this?
YoungK: Isn't it his concept?
Jae: But seriously...
YoungK: It's not a concept, is it? Wonpil is actually like this himself.
Jae: You know what he sounds like when he's talking to people? He sounds like he's trying to teach kindergardeners how to, like, read 'apple'.
YoungK: *LOL* True~
Jae: *imitating Wonpil* So~ Today~ We're gonna read~ "APPLE" *___*

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